Dialogic from Godot 3.5 to 4.2

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Working on a project in 3.5, this project used Dialogic (1.4) plugin. Downloaded and switched to Godot 4.2, importing my project (a copy of the og), and downloaded Dialogic 2 for this project. First, it says this when I enable Dialogic 2 in project settings:

“Can’t add Autoload:
Invalid name.
Must not collide with an existing global script class name.” (not sure why this is related)

This is a piece of code from the project:

var dialog = Dialogic.start(Object)
dialog.connect(timeline_end, Callable(self, 'after_dialog'))
await dialog.timeline_end
dialogue_running = false

and gives the error "Could not find script for class ‘Dialogic’

This is similar to a post from a couple months ago, but the solution didn’t work, and it closed. I did all the disabling/deleting that the previous solution suggested but nothing worked. Would appreciate an aptly-detailed solution. Thanks!