Does Eye Tracking work on Pico 4E?

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Does Eye tracking work on the Pico 4E?

I see that in Oct. of 23 it was being discussed as being added separately.

I have a Pico 4E coming tomorrow and would like to start developing with it as soon as possible.

If it is not added and it needs testing I’m available for testing starting tomorrow.

I just learned that the Pico 4E & Pico 4 Pro Eye Tracking does not work with PCVR / OpenXR which is how Godot interfaces with it so I’m guessing this won’t work.

OpenXR seems to still have significant issues.

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Thanks for the input. That’s unfortunate. I purchased a Pico 4E because a client has one and needs me to develop some apps with Eye Tracking for it. I even asked the seller if it worked for development purposes on PC and they said no problem.

I guess I have to dev on Meta Quest Pro and hope it works on Pico when I export… we’ll see!

If it doesn’t work, he may be getting a quest pro sooner than he expected. He’s not opposed to it, I’m just trying to use what the client has.

So after further research. It seems Quest Pro doesn’t support XR_EXT_eye_gaze_interaction out of the box either. It’s not just a Pico issue.

But it looks like you can install OpenXR Toolkit found on github and use Virtual Desktop XR on Quest Pro to get the input from XR_EXT_eye_gaze_interaction.

Is this the only way to get Eye Tracking to work on the Quest Pro in Godot?

If anyone has any experience with this I’d appreciate some feedback.