Drag & Dice: A prototype of a mobile puzzle game

I’m excited to kick off my first devlog for Drag & Dice (working title), a passion project that represents my return to game development after learning how to code by making games as a teenager. Now a 37 year old senior JS developer, I think its time to go back and make teenager me proud.

Drag & Dice

Drag & Dice is my prototype puzzle game with a fantasy RPG twist. You drag to connect gems, which translates into attacks during RPG combat. I chose this concept because puzzle games are relatively straightforward to develop and expand with new mechanics, making them ideal for a beginner like me, allowing an easy way to explore game development, especially the design and mechanics part, while keeping the scope small and manageable. I don’t have more details to share at this point as I have but a fuzzy idea of what I want to achieve, but can’t quite put it into words yet.


you can read more about this project in my first devlog: Embarking on a New Journey: The Creation of Drag & Dice - Drag & Dice by entomb

I’m thrilled to start this journey, Any feedback, advice, or encouragement is welcome!