Editor PlugIn tileDraw several problems

Godot Version


Iam having trouble setting a plugIn, i have a working example on gitHub.
what i wanted to do was to grab this gd4 project… I mean the scene in folder (test2) testdel_2.tscn :


and put it in here: ( TileDrawPlugIN_test01 )

currently there are several problems…

the tileDraw node is also not working…
When another node is selected the Dock disapears, but the drawing is still there.

Ive seen editor drawing plugIns in the assets library, but couldnt really understand the code.
If there was someone that could me help, I think a person who already made drawing plugIns could do it 10 or 15 min. But for me it might take me 1 or more months maybe 1 year to get it right, i cant find any info, on how to make editor draw plugINs… nor in how the editor draw works, ( i couldnt find any info online, by the time i was doing this… )