Editor stuck in not respoding on save

Godot Version



Suddenly Godot always crash (rather not responding) when I save (ctrl-s).
Console shows this log stream

obv stuck in some recursive loop

Anyone recognice this and know how to solve it?

Provide more info. You’ve probably made a reference loop in something that is being serialized.

Yes I probably did… Last thing i did was adding a dictionary to use as a timer array. I can see how a messed up dictionary could cause some problems or circular references but I didn’t even initialized it more than var timers = {}

Since it started hanging (this morning) I opened the project in vscode and deleted all that new timer code. Effectively restoring the project back to where I ended yesterday (I could save as normal yesterday). But alas, It still hangs on save.

I haven’t touched tilemap, animations or the sort of thing.

Ugh, I which I used git…