Error: instance_set_transform: Condition "!v.is_finite()" is true

Godot Version

v4.2.stable.mono.official [46dc27791]


I’ve been following StayAtHomeDev’s FPS tutorial series and transcribing it into C#, but I’ve run into a weird error while testing.

At first it only occured when I collided with a wall while sprinting, but I’ve also found it can be triggered as easily as pressing forward for a second, then pressing sprint.

The world disappears and a continuous flow of “instance_set_transform: Condition “!v.is_finite()” is true” errors floods the debugger.

The error links to this:

Here’s the repo for my project:

I have no un-earthly idea what is happening or why it’s happening. Any help or suggestions for fixes, or even an explanation would be great.

I think one of the values on the transform got set with a divide by zero so it went infinite. Or something


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