Error when exporting for android

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.1 stable


Hello! I am trying to export for Android Api 33 on Godot 4.2.1 stable, however I am getting the following error. I am using the android template that is installed from Project > Install Android Build Template, the error is from gradle but it is supposed to come in the template, does it not have support for 33?


I need to use gradle because of the plugins I am using. Likewise, another error I have is that it does not have support for AAB but I don’t know where to look for that extra extension

Perhaps the Java/Android tools are not set up correctly. Java version 17 is required for example. On Github you will find similar error messages and possible solutions.

Sameee here, please message me too if you find the solution…

hey idk if this works for you but its work for me, first check your JDK, make sure your JDK is the one that godot documentation recommend (Temurin JDK), i`ll give you a link… just follow that video