Error when using RPCs to change sence

Godot Version



I encountered a problem like this, look at the following minial reproduce project:

I created a game room where the homeowner clicks the start button and triggers a pressed signal, then calls the load_game method through rpc. in load_game method , all clients will call the change_scene_to file function.Server and client successfully
change scene .
Is it correct for me to do this?and I want to know the reason for this error。


It seems like the error does not stem from the script in your screenshot, but somewhere else (probably the script attached to your game scene?), but you’re basically trying to get a node that doesn’t exist. Search your scripts for any mentions of get_node("Room") or similar and make sure the node path is valid.

Thank you very much for being willing to answer my question. I have found the reason. In this official article, it is mentioned that