Errors saving various godot files

Godot Version

v4.1.1.stable.official [bd6af8e0e]


I’m new to Godot and somewhat new to game development in general. I’m trying to follow along with this tutorial.

I’ve been getting these error messages in the debugger:

I think it’s been happening since around working with the animations. (Starting at about 23 mins into video)However, it didn’t seem to be causing any problems at the time.

Now however, I’m working on the part where you add backgrounds. (About 40 mins in) After adding some tiles to the tilemap, I tried to run the game. The background wasn’t showing up. I kept getting these errors and when I tried to save and close Godot it wouldn’t save my changes since doing the background work.

Does anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it?

Bildschirmfoto 2023-12-11 um 00.39.38

maybe OneDrive ? if the data is synchronized with the cloud, I could imagine that there are problems.

Oh maybe. What should I do then? Is there a way to make this configuration work or should I just be saving locally? If so, do I just need to move the folder or is there something I have to do from within godot to make sure it finds the new path?

It could also be a virus scanner or windowsdefender. First try to develop outside “OneDrive”, move the folder and import it again in the Project Manager.

If nothing helps, you could also try Godot 4.2. But as long as Godor Editor does not always have write permissions, the new version will not help either.

I moved it to my local drive and it got rid of the errors and everything seems to be working. Thanks!

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