Event configuration confusion

Godot Version

4.2.2 Linux


I am trying to add keyboard events to my Input Map. After naming an action and hitting the + sign, I’m taken to a generic Event Configuration window. The top box is listening for an event. I hit a key, say “T”, and it finds the physical T key, and at the bottom it says “Physical Keycode (Position on US QWERTY keyboard)”.

This is all correct. But as soon as I move the mouse with the trackpad, it changes what it registers as “Joypad Axis 1”. It doesn’t appear that recording an event that the system is listening to works anymore. But maybe it works in a way that I don’t understand?

If I go down to the second box, I can type “T” and eventually scroll through several pages of options until I find the T key and can select it.

In Godot 3, it split up the types of events, so you could choose a keyboard event, hit “T”, and it would be recorded without interference from the mouse.

I don’t understand how the combined system could be useful. It seems broken to me. But again, maybe I’m not using it correctly. I wanted to check in on the forums before creating a bug report. I’ve been searching through documentation of how this is supposed to work, and it sounds like I should be able to hit “T” on this screen without interference from the mouse.

Of course, after posting I found the bug report that explains the actual culprit: #59250. Usually in this window, it ignores mouse events after you’ve hit a key on the keyboard. But it doesn’t ignore the joystick, so if it’s confusing some touchpads with joypads, it makes the configuration window unusable.