Examples materials from 'Material Maker'

Godot Version

4 and 3.5


Hello. I’m testing examples materials from ‘Material Maker’ in Godot 4 (3.5 too).
And some of them looks strange.
Suppose it how Godot 4 (3.5) works with Deep Parallax.
I there any way to make them looks like in ‘Material Maker’?

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Good question !

Did you try all the setting in Godot under Height ?

I would like to build my material inside Material Maker to.

AFAIK, Material Maker 1.3 is build on Godot 3.

Does material made inside MM export well on Godot 4 ?

Seem to me Visual Shader in Godot are quite hard and limited…

I tried all ‘Depth’ params:

Deep Parallax
Min/Max Layers

on Godot 3.5 and 4.2
But couldn’t achieve the same result as in Material Maker.
Also tried different type of export.

For a test I download Godot 3.4.4 cause ‘Material Maker’ based on this:

But have not found Depth option in Material params.