Export android app - keytool - android studio - sdk build tools version 30.0.3

Godot Version



I have a problem with exporting my application for android. I’d followed all steps from the documentation and searched for my error.

So I get an error when signing the apk, on stackexchange i’d read this is because I have a newer version of sdk build tools 34 to be exact and I need 30.0.3

So I downloaded 30.0.3 from the internet since I can’t find it in android studio.

But I get the same error with signing the apk, it gives error 2.

So is there a way to download right version trough android studio in latest? and if that doesn’t work, how do I specify what version to use with keytool in command prompt?

This is my first programming project, so help is really appreciated :smile:

Thanks in advance.