Export for MacOS and Upload to Steam

The process was not clear for me but now it works so I want to share all settings/options:

  1. Export Mac Build. Here are my settings:

  2. Create Mac Depot - Steam > Apps & Packages > Steamworks Admin > SteamPipe > Depots
    (and assign depot to your package)

  3. Upload -:warning: IMPORTANT! :warning: DO NOT UPLOAD THE EXPORTED ZIP TO STEAM!
    I use the Steam command line tools for uploading. Before I do my upload, I extract the archive generated by Godot and delete the ZIP!

This is the code for the auto-zip-extraction:
:warning:IMPORTANT!:warning: Do NOT use β€œe” as command after β€œ7z” because it will extract all files IN the .app ! We do not want this. We want just the .app and .command out of the ZIP, that’s why I used β€œx” as command!

7z x cozy_space_survivors-mac.zip
del cozy_space_survivors-mac.zip
  1. Setup #1 - Steam > Apps & Packages > Store Admin

  2. Setup #2 - Steam > Apps & Packages > Steamworks Admin

  3. Setup #3 - Steam > Apps & Packages > Steamworks Admin > General Installation

Publish all changes. Done.

If you support Cloud saves, you need root overwrite paths. Here are my paths:

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what? you mean to say we dont need a mac for developing our games to macos/ios?

Yes (at least MacOS, no idea about iOS). When you export without xcode, you can not sign your app and this leads to errors, see: Running Godot apps on macOS β€” Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

But: You can manually disable the MacOS Gatekeeper to run the app OR distribute via Steam and then Steam will handle this for you.

that means we can export for MacOS without Xcode and mac?
thank you :slight_smile:

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