Export Project with Mutable Folders in res://

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I am building a Godot application for research purposes that I hope to distribute to other researchers. I want users of my application to be able to load and save to the file system. My original approach was to use Powershell scripts and OS.execute for saving and loading through the Windows native file dialog; however, this brought a lot of bugs that I think are more work then its worth to fix.

I’m now using the godot FileDialogs, but to my understanding they can only be used to access files within the res:// directory. I want users to be able to drag their own files into a folder within the project so they can be used. Is there a way to export the godot project so that there are folders within res:// where files can be transferred to and from. This way when the project is run users can access the resources they have imported.

I understand I could just distribute an editor build but I would rather avoid this if possible.

This is wrong, you just need to set the correct access, see here

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But it is not possible to export with mutable res://, that wouldn’t work as it’s internal, not a path in the file system but the exported data

Thank you! I don’t know how I overlooked this in the documentation.

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