Export template location on Windows OS

Godot Version



On a networked PC…
The Appdata/Roaming location should be for storing user specific config information which should be small in size as this information follows the user as they move to different PCs as in a lab/school setting. What you must not do is store 800+MB of template data there.

I can see no (simple) way of modifying the location of the export templates so they reside on a networked drive in the same folder as the Godot editor EXEs, which for a network installation is where they should be and Godot should scan the folder it was run from for those export templates.

Storing templates in the Appdata/Roaming makes Godot unsuitable for use in a teaching situation which is a great shame for such a good engine.

I hope there is a workaround for this or the issue is looked at by the developers.

Looks like this isn’t possible yet :frowning: