Export to Android Umm... ok? Help appreciated

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EDIT: The answer to these issues is that Godot export for Android is junk partly because Vulkan drivers on Android is junk… and these are known issues. Godot 4 Splash screen for a Android has been broken since… always and WorldEnvironment glow doesn’t work with neither the mobile nor the compatibility renderer.
The lagginess is basically because of those reasons.

Godot 4.3 is supposed to fix glow on the compatibility renderer.

So, I made a successful export to Android but there are some issues.

  1. WorldEnvironment Glow isn’t working.
  2. The Splashscreen didn’t show.
  3. The framerate is very low and it’s extremely laggy, which is quite worrisome since this is a simple 2D shmup.

Where on earth does one begin to fix this?

I would start by commenting out everything but the minimal skeleton needed to build and run the program. Run the program to test whether the skeleon works.

Then re-enable one thing, run to test, then re-enable another thing, run to test, etc. until I discovered what was causing the problem.

Of course, this will only address the lag issue.

yes it’s not working for compatibility mode, i think the godot already tries to warn you about this every time you enter your project. Compat renderer also cant use emit sub particles and particle trailing. so be aware of that

try create your own splash screen…

some nodes may be doing this, you will need to check which one does it. first try removing the glow

The WorldEnvironment doesn’t seem to work on mobile yet, no matter what I try I always get a black screen on my phone. The next update, Godot 4.3, is coming soon and then I’ll try again. At the moment I’m using a glow shader from @FencerDevLog, but it’s not the same as the WorldEnvironment. I just can’t handle the shader very well. My understanding is still too limited. And I don’t always understand why sometimes it lights up really well and then other times it doesn’t. Maybe it’s because of the different nodes I use.

Please post the shader code.

Yeah I’ve seen that one. Have you tried it? It looks like…

                  __     /^|
                 / /\###//||
                 |//  #  \//
                  :(o) (o);
                   \     /##
                    || ||  ##
                    /   \   `--...____
                   ( @_@ )
                    `---'    /
                     |      |
                      \      \ 

And, that’s a video. -_-v

Thanks for the effort though!