Exported projects .exe doesn't opens

Godot Version

Godot 4.2


Hi, i just finished my first game for a jam but whenever i try to open the executable it i get the error “This app can’t execute on your PC”. It happen with any projects.

Where does the error message come from? Is it a Windows popup? Or is it an error message by godot itself? What Windows Version do you have? Did you unpack the .zip file before trying to run the game?

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It’s a windows 11 popup, i didn’t got any zip pack since the exe exported already unzipped

Can you show me the popup window as a screenshot? Perhaps it has some more information that can help us identify the issue.

Oh sure I forgot it

If you export the game to Windows as a zip file, so that the pck file is separate, then un-zip the exported file, does it still say the same thing?

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It fixed, also i updated my godot to latest beta, i don’t know what did it but it works!

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