Failed loading resource: res://player.tscn

Error Code

Hi, I’m working on my project for a while and yesterday I closed Godot. And like 5 minutes ago, I opened the project from where I left it off. And I got a pop up like "Error while loading “player.tscn”. So I can’t open the player scene but I can open player’s script. And however it all works when I run the project. It happened for 2 scenes that I work on. Did someone get that problem? If someone got, please help.

Note: I didn’t change or delete any files from editor/main files. These are the screenshots of problem:


I found where is the problem. I accidentaly export level 2 scene to player scene and player scene to level 2 scene. To fix that, right click on the scene, open in external program and find and delete the PackedScene.