Failed to instantiate scene state of "snake_body.tscn", node count is 0. Make sure the PackedScene resource is valid

Godot Version



  • I have remade this simple scene twice now.
  • I am unable to open and edit via the editor
  • I can still run and play the game fine
  • I have not moved/renamed any of the assets used in this

tscn file:

[gd_scene load_steps=4 format=3 uid="uid://prhteg6w4hrg"]

[ext_resource type="Texture2D" uid="uid://6wqd328qacc4" path="res://images/snakehead.png" id="1_ae0xp"]
[ext_resource type="Script" path="res://object_scenes/" id="1_lk370"]

[sub_resource type="CircleShape2D" id="CircleShape2D_24ejs"]
radius = 47.0425

[node name="Snake_Head" type="CharacterBody2D"]
script = ExtResource("1_lk370")
speed = 300

[node name="Sprite2D" type="Sprite2D" parent="."]
scale = Vector2(0.66, 0.66)
texture = ExtResource("1_ae0xp")

[node name="CollisionShape2D" type="CollisionShape2D" parent="."]
shape = SubResource("CircleShape2D_24ejs")

So everytime you create this scene it gets corrupted?

Correct, I haven’t tried a third time yet as it’s frustrating but two in a row is very weird

And the resources you are using in this scene are not corrupted? I can only ask you to double check if all the paths are correct. Worst case you can try to delete every file associated with this scene and create the scene again

I’ve already deleted and recreated it, and even though it claims to be corrupted, the game runs fine as is, I just can’t edit that scene anymore

Maybe its something with godot, “remembering” that this scene is corrupted eventhough it isnt