Fix label to a camera and make it static

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Hello, I’m trying to display a label with the life points of the player, the problem is that when the player moves (it is a grid-based movement game) the label inside the Camera2D sort of “bounces” (the camera has smoothing on too) and I can’t find how to make it stay in place. If I put the Label anywhere else it is left behind because it’s outside the camera.

Could you possibly provide a video on the issue?

Here’s a gif
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

You should use CanvasLayer.

Create a new CanvasLayer node and add the Label as a child of the CanvasLayer node.
Your scene tree should look similar to this:

This works, because Camera2D has (with default settings) no impact on CanvasLayer and its children nodes.

Thank you that worked

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