Fixing materials in assets imported from Unreal

Godot Version

v4.3.beta2.mono.official [b75f0485b]


What’s the best way to export materials into Godot?
So, I’ve got a lot of unreal assets collected from bundles and giveaways.
Some of these work out of the box, but many end up with these weird materials:
Examples with artifacts

FBX: (I don’t know why it turns yellow)

This is true even if blender shows them correctly:

Notice how the ornamental pattern does not show up at all in Godot.

From what I’ve seen, this is because this asset has 2 materials and 2 UV maps

(I’m assuming this one looks like this because it uses UDIMs?)

I know one solution for this would be to bake the texture, but it’s very inconvenient to do that for asset packs of hundreds of assets, especially when building levels in blender and exporting to Godot and finding out most materials don’t work.

What would you do in this case?

For anyone in the future: I was able to partially solve it.
Apparently Godot doesn’t take kindly assets with 2 UV maps. Or at least doesn’t know which UV map use with which material…
So I deleted one of the two UV maps and it worked! For most assets at least.
Most assets with 2 uv maps didn’t actually need them, but some of them did and I still havent figured out how to solve that other than baking them with mesh included because the uvs have to be remade.