Flickering texture/mesh

Godot Version

4.2 stable


Hello, I do need some help regarding a flickering mesh/texture. I made a nurse player character in blender, exported as glb and imported into godot.

In the preview tab it looks fine. (Imgur: The magic of the Internet) I attached a small video to show the flickering effect, it only appears when using a world environment/lighting/sun.

Video: Watch flickering | Streamable

Any idea how to resolve this? There are no objects stuck within each other, so its unlikely to be Z-fighting.


Are you sure there is no objects stuck with each other?

Hello, thanks for your reply!
I am sure there is no other object inside. I will include a wireframe view from within blender: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Try to use fbx model

Check this Overdraw mode and show what you see, it’ll show brighter and brighter on the surface if there are more than one mesh layer drawn.

Below image shows what 1 box looks like in this mode, then 2 boxes in the same place (simulating triangles in the same place), and then 3 boxes in the same place.