For some reason half of my files are missing

v4.1.1.stable.official [bd6af8e0e]

So, I was working on a game in Godot when it told me I can’t run the file because I didn’t have enough space on my PC. So, I closed out and cleared some space, and now for some reason half of all of my scenes are gone. Like random nodes and scenes are missing. Does anyone know what to do??

This is what it looks like when I try to load it up

when it corrupts, it corrupts, did you do version control or a backup?

Lol. I am very new to Godot. Idk what a version control is but I did export it recently. Is there anyway that I could reimport that??

can you open the chest scene?

No unfortunately, it just shows this

then you will need to recreate the chest scene, delete current corrupted scene, and make new one
since you dont have backup

Unfortunately it’s a lot more than the chest scene that’s broken, so I think I might just be SOL

SOL? well if you want, you can check the chest scene script with notepad, and read and observe which line of code is missing there

Sorry SOL stands for (s word) out of luck. And the problem isn’t that I don’t want to recreate the chest scene, it’s that like every scene is also like that, so I would have to recreate almost every scene unfortunately

yeah, well it’s corrupted anyway, hence it’s best to use version control or a backup, so there’s somewhere you can get back to than losing all

I got it back thankfully!! I found this tool called Godotre that was able to convert one of my pck files back into the project. Thank you for your help tho!!

wow nice, first time heard that, yeah that works too since you have exported it once

ok, now set up a git and maybe gitlab or github account (or something better, but those are the easy ones) and put your project there so you have a backup XD
if you need to learn how to use git, there are plenty of resources online, but the important commands you want are: init, clone, push, pull, add, commit
it is not easy, but it will save you from situations like these
and make some space, delete those downloads you don’t need anymore XD

but… that’s literally what git does… just better compressed, and with the option to upload it online easily XD

As others have mentioned, having backup is cool. But what is interesting to me is why did all those files vanish? Did you clean up anything in the project directory itself? Or did you use some tool that automatically cleans stuff up? Do you have a log of files that was removed?