Frame not updating while scrubbing animation

Godot Version

Godot 4.2 Stable


While manually scrubbing the animation player timeline the keyed frames of a sprite do not update in the display.

This shows the correct frame at this key. Note the image in the editor and in the timeline.

We move to the next frame and although the timeline shows the correct image the image in the editor is not updated and the frame is incorrect.

Selecting the frame in the timeline shows the correct frame in both keys but the image in the editor does not update.

I am going to report this as a bug unless someone can point me to something I am missing.

So does this occur only in the editor when you select keys or move the vertical blue line? If that’s the case, just move the vertical blue line a little bit further to the right to see the frame change.

Moving the blue line wasn’t changing the image despite the frame number showing correctly and despite the picture in the track showing the correct image.
Reloading the project seemed to clear it up so if this is a bug it may be hard to reproduce.
It could just be an anomaly.

I’ve created a really small demo project here
In this project you select the animation player and then select the animation test.
You drag the scrub line (the blue line) and watch as the sprite changes for each key frame except that it doesn’t change for the last key frame.
What am I missing?

I am trying to precisely line up my animation and since it refuses to show the proper sprite frame its near impossible.
(Unless of course I am doing something wrong)

So it turns out not a bug.
The solution is to change the tracks UpdateMode from discrete to continuous.

I had a feeling this would be something that I missed.