Framerate constantly dropping to 1

Hello, I just started using Godot and made a simple platformer 2D game but my FPS constantly goes form 1 to (16, 17, 18, 20…) and makes it nearly unplayable because character teleports every second. I think it has something to with physics but I’m not sure.

without knowing anything about your project it is hard to deduce.

Godot provides ways to tackle the bottlenecks of your game
You should look into

Hope that helped


Can’t be much help solving. But it can be one of two things.

Your computer isn’t very strong.

Or you have a code issue that is taking too long to compute and causing the frame rate to drop. Use the profiler suggestion above to spot any function taking lots of CPU time.

Hey, I noticed that the FPS dropping happends only when I add 2D movement, and only left, right platformer movement, not top down-like movement. And I tested it on different projects and it seems to be the problem. Do you know anything I can do about it?

Could you please provide a Minimal, Reproducible Example?
But as penny was saying, it may be your setup as well