From 2D to 2.5D: exploring some new game concepts

I started my game developer journey almost 20 years ago with Rpg Maker. Maybe I didn’t know, but now I understand I really like 2D games with a top-down view. Probably that’s why I never changed “style” even after changing game engine (after Rpg Maker I used Unity and now Godot).
Every game dev journey has ups and downs and, after a long down period, these days I’m exploring some concepts with Godot. I really like Godot, I started using it like 2 years ago. I also explored Defold, but I think Godot has more functionalities and it suits better the kind of games I want to develop.
I’m having fun exploring the 3D world, still keeping my lovely 2D top-down view. 3D allows you to have more freedom and free the creativity even more. Obviously it also makes everything more difficult. That’s why I’m exploring something in the middle, something in a 2.5D.
That’s the result I achieved so far

Orthographic camera with inclined angle, shadows, lights, GridMap (I’m loving GridMap a lot, it makes so fun to build levels). Player can move, jump, use moving platforms. There’s a lot of potential and I can’t wait to explore more!
What do you think?
Thank you for any feedback and suggestions.


Nice! I’ve also been experimenting with mixing 3d with 2d lately and I agree it opens up a lot of possibilities (and complications). It’s nice to see examples like this of how to make it work, so thanks for sharing your setup. I like the visual contrast between the 2d outlined character and the soft-shaded blocks.

Thank you for the comment!

I like the visual contrast between the 2d outlined character and the soft-shaded blocks.

On one hand I’m really happy to hear that, on the other it hurts because it’s not the style I was planning to achieve, I designed the textures today in about 10 minutes only as placeholders :laughing:
but thanks to your feedback I’ll probably look into this style at this point :grin:
I’ll keep posting in this topic about any updates I’ll make with this concept (I would like to add animations to the character too, it will for sure makes a better idea of what he’s doing!)