Fully Decentralized Multiplayer


Challenge! Is it possible to make fully decentralized mesh network multiplayer for PWA game on IPFS without any, not even signaling (for WebRTC), servers ? Maybe DHT (Decentralized Hash Table) or blockchain smartcontract or any other new technologies would be suitable for establishing a connection?

game on IPFS

If you already use IPFS, then you can use that for signalling too. Just publish the WebRTC ICE candidates over IPFS for example.

No need for anything more complex. Blockchain and smartcontracts really add no benefit over other technologies, especially in this case.

To be honest I’d probably not even use IPFS, but that’s a different topic.

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By the way, you can also use other creative ways for signalling, like this project for example uses QR codes for WebRTC:


A recently created and actively developed Godot add-on for this purpose - godot-matcha

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@anromario keep in mind that this still involves signalling servers. This task is done by the trackers in the WebTorrent protocol.

By default, the plugin you linked relies on only one tracker: tracker.webtorrent.dev

This does not satisfy your requirement of “without any, not even signaling (for WebRTC), servers”. It just uses a server out of your control for signalling.

You will always need some way to find peers. You can not get rid of that part. You can try to distribute that on a lot of servers, and let users host their own. Decentralize it. But you will always need some form of discovery for peers.

So with that being said, what you can do is giving the user options. Make it configurable which tracker/server to use. And by default, provide multiple trackers. All this decentralized stuff won’t have any benefit if you keep single points of failure.

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