GameDev Starter Kit - Platformer✨

GameDev Starter Kit - Platformer for Godot is almost finished and it will be available completely free for everyone!

All assets are optimized for Godot’s GridMap System. I will update this post when it is released which will be within 1 day. till now you can visit the itch page.

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Hi first of thanks for providing such nice assets for the community :slight_smile:

I just took a first glimpse in your pack and addet it in a little 3d Project of mine.
It’s amazing that you prepared everything godot ready. The quality of the assets is really top notch in my opinion :slight_smile:

But I think I noticed a little “problem”, but maybe it might be intendet.
The meshs in the GridMap have no collision shap. I guess it also depends on the game to decide which mesh’s are meant for collision. But maybe it would be cool to have some basic collisions on meshes where you mostly would expect it like “rocks”.

^^ I thought maybe this information is helpful to you. Thanks again!

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I am so glad you find it useful and it helps in your project. :innocent:

As for collision, it’s intentionally left out to let everyone customize it according to their project needs. Thank you for bringing it up, and I appreciate your understanding. I’m considering an update in the next release, which will bring not only collision but also more cool assets. :sparkles:

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