Gdextension C++ webassembly compilation

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Hello so i have compiled a test game i made with gdextension and C++ for web. Im left with wasm “webassembly” file only, my question is how can i make and HTML and js to run it. I have searched but i cant seem to figure it out.

The game.

You should be getting a default HTML file when doing web exports. You could double-check/refresh your export template. You also might look for any output messages that could indicate warnings/errors.

Is that when we do it on terminal like scons platform=web?

I’m not too familiar with the C++ build workflow but I believe using scons is for building the editor itself and the various export templates. I also see that GDExtensions are not included in the web export templates by default.

Sorry I can’t help more, this page should have more info:

It says on that gdextension doc that i should get a zip file after running scons. But i changed the entire thing into version 4.2.1 and all i got was the wasm file.

Ok guys, the wasm file scons spits is needed for the editor build. And guess what the editor gives everything, HTML js etc. BUT now when i try to Run Uploaded zip file i get this error.

I get this error when i try to run on web “tlsInitFunc is not a function”

I would appreciate help. Thanks