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Hello Godot community! I have gotten a request on my plugin that uses C++ to include documentation that would be visible in the Godot editor. Does anyone know how to create documentation for classes made in GDExtension?

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This feature seems to be in the works.

The documentation right now doesn’t support it. However, if you’re a module developer, there is a way to add your own documentation in a similar way to the engine.

I’m working on a GDExtension and found this thread when looking up how to add docs for my classes.

Looks like is the latest work on this and has been merged. So for Godot 4.3 GDExtensions can call a function to register XML documentation.

If anyone has any more information or documentation about how to use this or how to generate XML properly please let me know. I’m assuming the right thing is to use godot --doctool with some hacking of the configuration.