GDExtensionTemplate for building extensions using CMake

For anyone building CMake-based extensions (e.g. to bundle a 3rd party lib which uses CMake), check out my GDExtensionTemplate.

It uses godot-cpp and sets up a bunch of stuff for you so you can get started on your own code:

  • godot-cpp included as git sub-module for easy updating
  • generates a version header file for easy conditional compilation
  • uses ccache if available for faster rebuilds
  • builds universal library (x86_64 and arm64) on macOS
  • includes clang-formatting for clean, consistent code style
  • includes GitHub workflows (CI) for:
    • building the extension on Linux x86_64 (gcc), macOS universal (clang), and Windows x86_64 (MSVC)
    • generating debug & release packages on each commit
    • using ccache to improve CI build times when available
    • checking code formatting using clang-format

Special thanks to contributors - of both code and coffee! :coffee:

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