Get AutoLoad from node in sub scene c#

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Acces AutoLoad from node in sub scene

firstly I want to say sorry the confused mod that reviwed my first attempt to ask this question, my dumb*ss thought that I was suposed to put my question inside what I later realised are comment markings.

now to my actual question: My project has an AutoLoad, but since im using c#, my way of accessing it is throught “GetNode(“root/AutoLoadName”)”, wich would be fine, but for some reason, it only works is the node calling the GetNode is inside the main scene, so nodes in sub scenes cant acces the autoload, how should I get the AutoLoad? (Not using c# is out of the question)

Are you getting any errors? And is the scene you’re calling it from added to the scene tree?

You should be able to access Autoloads from child nodes.