Getting to grips with signals and instances thereof

Godot Version

Godot Version 4.2.1


I’m new to working in Godot (as i’m sure will be obvious in a second!) I have some experience with python and less experience with Javascript.

I have a scene that I plan on creating 30-40 instances of. Each of these scenes contains a texture button which I want the player to press, which will change the text on the UI. The text itself will be unique per instance. I want to script that will prevent me from having to connect each instance of the scene to the label node every time I place a new one.

I was hoping to use an exported variable so that I can define the unique text of each instance in the editor.

An issue I have run across is that the unique text is then defined in the script for the instanced scene, which makes it difficult to move that string over to the main script.

Any help would be appreciated ! :slight_smile:

If you want to make each instance of a scene unique, you should check the Make Local option. Right click on the scene in question.