Global script name cannot be used

Godot Version

Godot Engine v4.2.stable.mono.official.46dc27791


Hello, i’m new to godot and encountered an error when naming the global script under the autoload tab. i wrote global for the node name and it says: Invalid name. Keyword cannot be used as an Autoload name. I have to use a capital G instead for it to work, but I want it as a lower g.

I want to make the Node Name “global” with a lower g but that doesn’t work. It only works with a capital G.

For more context, i’m working on a project with my friend. Naming the script global works for him, but not for me.

The word “global” is part of the C# language, you can’t use it as a variable/autoload name if you’re using the mono / .NET build. If you don’t plan on using C# you can use the standard build instead (maybe this is what your friend is running) and then it should allow you to use lowercase global.

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