Godot 3.5 is still the better option

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Unpopular opinion! Godot 3.5 is till the better option over Godot 4 for most people, its simply much more stable and lighter than Godot 4

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By the time my game is ready to ship, we’ll be on 4.5.x, so I’m staying with 4.x =)


I didn’t know that, thanks!

I hope this too

For web based games it’s still pretty much popular opinion ( Godot 3.5 being better option as of now ), which is a bit unfortunate as there are loads of great improvements in Godot4, especially around GDScript (imo)

That’s a loaded statement, though there are indeed some areas where that is demonstrably true. Godot 4’s VR system, for example, has some severe regressions compared to 3.5, and is almost complete unusable. I have no doubt that those regressions will be fixed over time, though.

For desktop games, Godot 4.2 is demonstrably better than 3.5 could ever hope to be. That clear disparity is what compelled me to convert my 3.5 game to 4.x.

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The reason may be because they prefer Visual Scripting to actually writing code, since not everyone wants to write code, and some don’t have the time to learn, since they want to complete their project with less time.

Lot’s of new developers are searching for non-coding engines, and especially young people do not like writing too much.
We observe this on many platforms - e.g. “c u tmr”. Rather than “See you tomorrow.”

Godot entered the scene as a non-coding engine, designed to include young audiences.
Likely most of tha audience is staying with the original features.

The more experienced developers will gladly welcome advanced features like Vulcan, etc, but most aren’t really interested in developing high resolution graphics.
They are more interested in finishing something playable, in the shortest space possible.

I hope Godot developers don’t push their engine beyond what older systems can mange.
My system doesn’t support Vulcan, which I can live without.
I too, was looking to use Visual Scripting, but I decided to try 4.x.
Trying to get started with c++ is not a timeless process.

I can see some reasons why sticking with 3.5, might seem the better option for some.

Trying to get started with c++ is not a timeless process.

Why would you do that? Godot 4 has GDScript, same as Godot 3.x

We observe this on many platforms - e.g. “c u tmr”. Rather than “See you tomorrow.”

That sounds like a severe reach. Especially since most code editors ( including Godot ) offer autocomplete, so instead of typing “autocomplete”, you can just go au+enter and it’s there. If anything, I’d guess people who are into visual scripting are into it because it’s more approachable than plain code.

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I’m still working in version 3.2.3 and wouldn’t change :godot:

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Why would you do that? Godot 4 has GDScript, same as Godot 3.x

I recently learned c++ and got comfortable with it.
You know how it is when you get comfortable - Don’t want to move. :grin:
Especially when you realize that each language has its own syntax, which you have to become familiar with, coming from different languages.

Besides that, I’m coding other projects in Visual Studio, and these do not use GDScript.
I don’t want to get my head tied up, if you know what I mean. :smile:

Oh. I meant trying to use c++ in Godot. Not learning c++.

see GDNative in godot, it might interest you more than GDScript

I’m there already. Thanks.
I read up all the docs on using c++.

However, it appears the c++ modules is the best choice, so I have downloaded the source, and trying to get set for building with VS - the better choice.

However , I hit a road block.

Godot VS was hot garbage, hence it was removed.