Godot 4.2.1 project exporting for Android

Hi guys,

I’m new to Android platforms, so I’m a bit confused about exporting to Android. I have some questions hope anyone who are experienced would give me some suggestions.
Thanks very much!!

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  1. On the Godot documents page, it states to use “NDK version r23c (23.2.8568313)”, however, that’s not the latest NDK version from Android Studio. Do I have to use this specific version, or it’s okay to use the latest version from Android Studio?

  2. Similar question, the latest Android SDK API level is 34 (android 14), but Godot 4 suggests API 33. Has anyone shipped a project built with API 34? Or should I stick to API 33?

  3. As for the JDK, I’m using the same one that comes with the latest version of Android Studio, which is also JDK 17. So I didn’t download a new one.

P.S. I’m on MacOS.