Godot 4 Android build size difference

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I wanted to ask about the Android build size that is happening with Godot 4. You see, when I exported my game to android before with Godot 3 its build size ended up being about 50-60 MB. Now in Godot 4 when I export that same game (I transitioned from 3 to 4) It almost triples it size being 130 MB. I wanted to know if this is because of Godot 4’s newer features? I also wanted to know how can I optimize this build size.

Godot 4 binaries are significantly larger due to having more features than Godot 3. You can still compile custom export templates with certain features disabled to reduce file size: Optimizing a build for size — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

Also, remember that if you export an AAB, it contains binaries for all architectures. Google Play will split it up automatically, so users only download the architecture they need.