Godot 4: Audio system tutorial

If you want to delve into the basics of working with audio in the Godot Engine, this tutorial could be helpful. Good luck! :sunglasses:

This was great, thank you!

Just one part I didn’t understand… when you created a new bus with Reverb effect and piped it through Music bus, what did that do? Does that mean, "any audio that plays on this new bus will get the Reverb effect but otherwise play through the Music bus (i.e. inherit Music volume, etc.)?

Maybe I missed you actually showing how this new bus was used in practice, but I didn’t see it.

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Ah, sorry! I planned to use that extra bus, but I completely forgot about that during the video recording. :sunglasses: So, the reverb effect, as shown in the video, is simply attached to the Music bus, and the extra bus isn’t used at all. Sorry for the confusion.

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