Godot 4 - Linux Wayland - Stutters or Lag Godot 4 in Editor (Nvidia ?)

Godot Version

Godot v4.2.2-stable


Godot 4 , 4.1 , 4.2
Linux Wayland - Godot editor stutters in menu
and 3d view stutters if any input rotating camera.

This error is probably combination of factors driver desk top environment.
Nvidia Driver - 545_29_02 / 550_54_14 / 550_78 (RTX_3070)

Fedora 39 KDE Plasma 5.27 Wayland -
"Godot 4 menu is unusable some buttons highlight it takes up to 1 second.
Resize window whole window flicker black and back to graphic.
Or in start menu mouse movement window flicker black and back to graphic. "
On X.Org Server - X Window System (X11) - All works normally.

Fedora 40 KDE Plasma 6.0.4 Wayland -
Nvidia Driver - 550_78 (RTX_3070)
“Godot 4 in Plasma 6 much more stable BUT still some stutters.
In 2d project stutters same as Plasma 5 strangely 2d for example scrolling
sometimes animate zoo in and out same time infinitely until other scroll.”

Is anyone seeing this behavior?

I recommend you post that on godot github, is very hard that you’ll find people for help you with technical problems like that here

Issues · godotengine/godot (github.com)


NVIDIA has many known issues with its Wayland support (not just in Godot), so I suggest using a X11 session instead for now. Note that Godot 4.2 also doesn’t have native Wayland support, so it relies on XWayland instead. Native Wayland support is available in 4.3.dev but needs to be enabled in the Editor Settings.

Fedora 40 has removed KDE X11 packages from the default installation, but you can install it back using the package manager.

Thank you so much “Calinou”. You are 100% correct.

I just enabled Wayland in Godot 4.3.dev6 save restart.
(Editor Settings > Run > Platforms > Prefer Wayland >ON<)
And now it runs rock solid.

I post Question on godot github. I go to write solution there.
If you don’t mind? I will mention you forum user name.

I am so happy, Thank you :slight_smile:

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Sure :slight_smile: