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I recently put out an HTML demo of my game on itch.io, however, I’m having issues with the textures/models popping in and out. See screenshots below:
How it looks in itch (the models pop in and out as I move closer/farther):

How it should look (screenshot from Godot, no popping in/out):

I have tried both Compatibility and Forward renderers, but have the same problem. Anyone here know a solution?

Godot 4 uses the compatibility renderer only, for web exports. So if you want to test for the web you’ll want to test on that. You should be able to test the web version directly from the editor as well

Hi, thanks for your tips! Unfortunately, I have used the compatibility renderer, but the same issue arises (even when testing directly from the editor). I’ve tried in both Chrome and Safari, same issue on both browsers. Are there any other potential problems I may be overlooking here?

I don’t know why your models are being culled, did you check the relevant properties on the mesh instances and the materials?
You might also check project settings in the Rendering category.
If it also happens in the scene view you can try toggling certain options from the 3d scene view menu like LOD for example
I don’t know anything more specific without checking the project itself.

If it also happens in the editor that’s a good thing, it means it’s just a difference between the vulkan (forward+/mobile) and the compatibility renderer, not a issue with the web version specifically.

The compatibility renderer and the vulkan renderer are very different implementations so there’s a variety of things that differ between them.

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