Godot CRASHES on Startup (New Projects)

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Hello! First time posting. (Actually the second; I tried to post this yesterday, but it disappeared.) Godot is crashing out for me when I try to open my first project.

I am able to open the Project Manager just fine, but when I try to open a new project, it tries to boot up Godot and immediately shuts down.

By opening Godot via the console, I was able to witness the following error:

ERROR: vkCreateComputePipelines failed with error -1000012000

After some tinkering, I found that I was able to boot up Godot by opening a sample (demo) project, in this case the ‘Survivor IO’ demo project.

However, I would obviously like to create my own projects from scratch. Can someone help me to resolve this? I would be very grateful!

Many thanks in advance.

The project manager is rendered in opengl, default projects use the Vulkan rendered. That error is related to the Vulkan API. It could be that your driver needs updating, or your hardware does not support Vulkan rendering.

To bypass this change the default renderer of the project in the project manager before creating.

If already created project, use the command line and Godot to force start the project in opengl mode. (Also called compatibility mode). You may whish to setup a shortcut with this option as default for Godot.

Then withing the project settings change the default renderer to opengl/compatibility