Godot Dialouge Manager Plugin Issues (input problems, player moves during conversation)

func _unhandled_input(_event: InputEvent) -> void:
	if Input.is_action_just_pressed("ui_accept"):
		var actionables = actionable_finder.get_overlapping_areas()
		if actionables.size() > 0:

Okay I have this Function here to interact with an Npc, and the system works and everything. But I have one problem, I can still move my Player during the conversation.

Im moving the playing using the “func _physics_process” is there a way to check if the conversation has ended ?

I was considering creating a bool, where I have “can_move” and its true deafult, and had it being false during the conversation, but Im unsure how to make it true again after the conversation is over.

Depends on your dialogue plugin. Do they have signals on their nodes? Are they using a Autoload?

and the dialouge is working. all I want is to disable my movement in the physics process, when Im in the dialouge

I use signals when my “area3D” enter the Npc’s “area3D” and the plugin is " Godot Dialogue Manager" in the asset store by
Nathan Hoad