Godot engine project won't start =(

Godot Version

4.2.2 stable


Hello! I came across this problem: the project in godot engine does not start with mobile, forward+ renderers. When I try to create and run a project, a window appears for a second, and then the engine closes. What could be causing this, and how can this be fixed?

is this a very new start?
like this is your very first project?
if so, dont create project inside Program Files folder or Drive C:, do it on document or other Drive

no, this is not the first project, there was no such problem before. I tried to create a project on another drive, but it didn’t help

ok, so you will need to open the godot-console.exe, create new project and see what it said from the console line (command prompt) when you cant create project, report what it said here

where can I find godot-console.exe? I downloaded the engine from Steam and did not find this file

download from here, then unzip to somewhere, run the console.exe

Editing project: E:/123

Godot Engine v4.2.2.stable.official.15073afe3 – https://godotengine.org

Vulkan API 1.2.175 – Forward Mobile – Using Vulkan Device #0: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710

this is what the console writes. after this the engine closes

ok, try check the Godot log:
go to windows run → type %APPDATA% → Roaming → Godot → app_userdata ->123-> logs
see any kind of text file there, open it

I followed this path, but folder 123 is completely empty

then it’s likely a godot 4.2.2 engine bug

try godot 4.1 then

The same thing happens on this version. the same thing is written in the console as in version 4.2, and there are no logs in the project folder

if you want to try the last one from here, try downloading the 4.1.3
if it cant, then it cant

they said 4.1.3 is working fine
see if your device can run it

this version didn’t help either, everything is the same =(