Godot game ideas

Hi every one! Whats your idea on Godot games, what should I make and what genre of game do you recommend? This is my first post here but I’ve been using godot for a year now.

2d MMORPG or İdle / clicker games the most viral things on mobile if you want something in pc u can do something like tibia ravendawn

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something with furries and mushrooms

People might be interested in a modern version of Amiga’s game Atomix were you puzzle together atoms to form molecules of different kinds.

Lots of chemistry nerds out there so it might be a popular one :slight_smile:

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Some random titles that may give some ideas.

Wacky ones:

  • Cat/Dog Racing
  • Fish Olympics
  • Tropical Olympics
  • Vegetable Vengeance
  • Squirrel boxing

More “normal” ones:

  • Dog sled racing
  • Paint by numbers
  • Pottery simulator
  • Bronze Age simulator
  • Car Mechanic simulator

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