Godot multiplayer anti-cheat

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Hello! I am interested in building multiplayer games, but one problem has appeared: how can I write anti-cheat in godot? I searched for this topic in Net, but don’t found anything helpful. Can someone help me?

what game programming experience do you have? are you new to godot?

I am new to godot, but I came from Python development, and if it is necessary, I can learn C++ or Java/JavaScript. I don’t know how to set up anti-cheat in godot

in my humble opinion, worrying about cheaters is probably not a good starting point. my advice is learn how to write a game in godot first. there are many tutorials on YouTube.


Actually, I learned a few things, but when I started learning multiplayer setup and networking, I found nothing about anti-cheat. I want to know how to set up one.

Do you have a whole multiplayer project set up and in progress? At least planned out and the networking code and everything solved? If not you’re getting way ahead of yourself

Cheat prevention is extremely situation specific, so if you don’t know how your game will work you can’t really solve it


There are a few universal methods for anti cheat, like ensuring all the logic happens on the server to prevent modded clients

My opinion is that cheating is a good problem have, it means people are playing your game and invested in it.

Of course, you dont want cheaters to ruin it, but you have to have something to ruin.

As pointed out, it is a difficult question to answer without being more specific.

Perhaps just work on related issues that will enable you later. Like proper accounts and authentication and having the ability to ban someone.

While those arent game related, per se, it is something every online game needs to enforce punishments. Those are specific enough questions to tackle (and transferable skills - they apply to a broad range of software).