Godot not recognizing package name

Godot Version 4.1.1

I’m trying to export my project to my Android phone, but for some reason Godot absolutely refuses to acknowledge the package name I had assigned. It says it does not follow the required format (I checked and I don’t see how it wouldn’t) and that I must “explicitly specify the package name” (even though I did). My only guess is that this is a result of some conflict of how I setup the Java and Android SDK? It says I only have version 34, even though I thought I went back and set up version 33 also. I’ve included a screenshot.

EDIT: Okay after double-checking my SDK manager in Android Studio, I can see now that I did not specifically have version 33 of the build tools installed. However I really, REALLY hope that’s not the problem because the version of Android Studio I have isn’t even letting me install version 33 of the build tools.