Godot not showing anything when trying to edit/create a file

Godot Version

Godot v4.2.2


Hello, I’m new to Godot so go easy on me lol.
I’ve being trying to create/edit a new project on Godot however whenever I try to edit/create a file it just shows up as blank and nothing else. Any advice on how I could fix this issue would be much appreciated.

Try launching Godot from the console to see what error messages are printed.

Thanks for the reply, this is what displays in the console.

Try open Godot forcing the opengl3 driver

Go on the directory you exe is
Hold shift + right click on an empty area and select “Open powershell console here”
Put: ./your_godot_executable_name_with_the.exe --verbose --rendering-driver opengl3
Press enter and check if works, if not, check if any userful message appears on console


This worked, Thank you so much for your help!

Right, that means your graphics card doesn’t support vulkan, so you need to create any project using the compatibility render (opengl3)

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Hi, sorry but I have a follow up question. Would I have to do the same if want to see what it looks like in the debug thingie. Because whenever I click on the play button all it shows is a Black screen. i have set a camera in the file so i dont think its the camera.

You need to make your game run in compatibility mode, if i remember well use this trick i said in the other commentary only works for the editor, you need to set the entire project to run in compatibility