👾 Godot Pixel Asset List

Godot Pixel Asset List

Everyone knows that art in video games plays a big part, including particles, 2D sprites, UIs, and much more. These elements are what bring video games to life. So now, I want to share some free assets that I found, hoping they’ll help people who are getting started with Godot.

Asset Names Link
GUI Essential (Pixel Art GUI Asset) GUI Essential Pack
Tranquil Tunnels (Pixel Art Terrain Tile Sheet) Tranquil Tunnels
Paper-Pixels (Paper-Themed Pixel Art Tile Sheet) Paper-Pixels
Minimal Future Pixel Art Set (8 by 8 Pixel Art Tile Sheet) Minimal Future Pixel Art Set
PixeLike: The Roguelike Starter Pack Pixel Like

It’s important to note that these assets were not created by me, and all the links direct to their respective itch.io product pages. This is not a form of partnership; I’ve chosen to share this information here because these assets have greatly aided me on my journey with Godot.