Godot Rapier 2D – GDExtension that integrates the Rust Rapier 2D physics engine

Godot Rapier2D

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A 2d rapier physics server for Godot Engine, implemented as a GDExtension.


  • Parallel support (for non enhnanced determinism builds)
  • Single and Double float precision build.
  • SIMD (Single instruction, multiple data) build.
  • Cross-platform determinism build.


Supported Platforms

  • Windows (x86_64, x86_32)
  • macOS (x86-64 + arm64 Universal)
  • Linux (x86_64)
  • Android (x86_64, arm64)
  • iOS (arm64)
  • Web (wasm32)


  • Automatic (Recommended): Download the plugin from the official Godot Asset Store using the AssetLib tab in Godot.
  • Manual: Download the github release and move only the addons folder into your project addons folder.
  • Build it yourself. Read more about it in the documentation.

After installing, go to Advanced SettingsPhysics2D. Change Physics Engine to Rapier2D.

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