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Recently my project has started to take a good bit of time both to load the editor and to run the project when I want to test it (several seconds to run the project, upwards of thirty to first load the editor). Is this just something that happens when projects get big? Should I start trying to optimize it somehow? The game runs fine once it’s loaded. What’s interesting is that, while the startup time has been steadily increasing, this jump in time to run the project happened basically overnight, so I’m not sure what could have caused it.

This is happening to me too, but optimizing code seemed to help. I think it is just because of big projects.:+1:


If you are on windows, check if antivirus/updates are running; both eat a lot of disk usage from one night to another.

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It depends but generally, I’d say, “no” unless you’ve got huge amounts of data and are working on something really special (not to say your game isn’t though!).

It’s worth checking if any of the scene files (.tscn) have grown in size unexpectedly; perhaps the editor has serialised some binary data that has caused the file to balloon in size and is slowing the editor (and game) as it loads the scene and its resources.

This can be a side-effect of changing ‘Local to scene’.


just dont open too much scenes at a time, godot will try to check active scenes before actually showing it to you or even before run.
only open 1 or 2 scenes should not make it longer to load/test run it

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Hello, I was having the similar problem. I pulled the image below from the Godot documentation website. All I had to do was update my mouse driver (ICUE), which seemed to fix the long load times. I suggest seeing if any of your periphery (i.e. mouse, keyboard, monitor) have any software connected to them and find a way to update their drivers.

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